Boot Camp 3.1.3: Cirrus Audio Update

The Boot Camp update for MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010) (BootCamp_3.1.3_64-bit.exe) contains Cirrus Audio driver 6.6001.1.25 from 4/28/2010 which is newer than the 6.6001.1.21 version from Boot Camp 3.1. This driver works fine in a 2009 MacBook Pro 15-inch except that the package is set up to refuse to install on anything except the aforementioned new MacBook.

I’ve been having a problem with intermittent pops and crackles on my external speakers that seems to be a software/driver issue, so I wanted to give this update a whirl. So far, it seems like 6.6001.1.25 has fixed my pops and crackles problem.

7-Zip can extract the driver from the packaging. It’s just a matter of digging it out. Inside of Boot Camp_3.1.3_64-bit.exe is BootCampUpdate64.msp (a windows installer patch file). 7-Zip can unpack that into some cryptically named directories. Buried in there is a file called Binary.Cirrus_Audio_Bin which is actually some form of archive. Inside of that thing are the driver files.

Once you have Binary.Cirrus_Audio_Bin unpacked, you can point Device Manager at the unpacked location to update your Cirrus Audio driver.

I’m scratching my head a bit, wondering why Apple didn’t generally release this driver to all compatible hardware.



6 Responses to Boot Camp 3.1.3: Cirrus Audio Update

  1. Umaraski says:

    Hi, I just wanted to know if this bootcamp update works on 2010 (January) macbook pro 15″ ? its a dual core macbook pro

  2. Umaraski says:

    Im confused as it mentions “Boot Camp Update for MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010) (Windows 64 bit)”.

    is it only for 13-inch>??

  3. Paul says:

    Boot Camp 3.2 released today has version 6.6001.1.26 for the Cirrus audio driver, it’s dated 8/16/2010.

  4. Daniel says:

    Wow, a million thanks Brian. I have been trying to get audio working for days. I am on a 2010 MBP 15 inch. I have Windows 7 Premium x64. I tried reloading the bootcamp drivers from the OSX DVD, the two updates apple offers 3.1 and 3.2, and never could get audio working. Every other forum and website said to download the new Realtek drivers which did nothing.

    I did try the cirrus driver version 6.6001.1.26 dated 8/16/2010 from the bootcamp 3.2 update and it has been working well.

    Thanks again,

  5. Marcus says:

    This is the fix that I was looking for. Never was able to get my system to update to bootcamp 3.1.3 and my previous fix was a strange custom hack that went away after doing a windows update. This fix should save lots of people time. Many thanks!

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