VirtualBox Seemless Mode Glitch with Ubuntu

I recently installed Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx in VirtualBox. I applied all updates and installed the VM additions. When I tried swtiching into seemless mode, I ran into a problem where all of the window chrome disappeared. Well, the title bars were gone as well as a little bit of the status bar that includes the rounded corners. The title bars were still there but still, I was unable to move or resize windows in seamless mode, which is not ideal.


Seemless Mode Only Works Correctly with all Effects Disabled

After fiddling for a while, I realized that Ubuntu had turned on some window effects after rebooting with the VM additions installed. Disabling all window effects solves the problem.


Seamless mode is cool but it isn’t multi-monitor aware. I can’t drag guest OS windows off of the monitor where seamless mode was initiated. If I define the VM as having 2 monitors in VirtualBox, Ubuntu doesn’t see the second one. Also, the screens size is set to the resolution of my smaller monitor in seamless mode which causes the Ubuntu desktop toolbars to float in the middle of my screen. Basically, the entire guest OS desktop has to be on one of my monitors but I can move everything with {right-CTRL+L} (to exit seamless mode), move guest OS window to desired monitor, {right-CTRL+L} (to enter seamless mode on the new monitor). This solution is workable, but hopefully some day VirtualBox seamless mode will automagically present multiple monitors to the guest OS and let me drag windows around arbitrarily.


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