Chrome MSI Works Great with AppLocker

Google has released a version of the Chrome installer packaged as an MSI rather than using the ClickOnce installer. The major difference is that the MSI creates a global installation under %ProgramFiles(x86)%. Transparent updates continue by default, managed by the Google Chrome Update Service (gupdate). Gupdate also updates Google Apps Sync for Outlook if it is installed. The key advantage of an MSI package is that it is compatible with managed deployment using Active Directory and Google has provided a set of policy templates to allow managing Chrome via Group Policy in the same way that Internet Explorer is managed.

Because all of the code is installed in %ProgramFiles(x86)%, Chrome is fully compatible with the default AppLocker EXE and DLL rules even though the bundled Flash DLL is not signed. “Chrome Enterprise” runs fine with the default rule set and no special publisher rules at all.

Chrome MSI download here.

Policy templates here.

via Chromium Blog.


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