Smashed Nexus One, RIP

After having survived being drowned, my Nexus One has finally succumbed to my (unintentional) abuse. It fell off my night stand this morning and landed face down exactly wrong on the tile floor, shattering the glass touch screen. To be fair, the N1 is still working, it’s just that I’m in serious danger of glass splinters and sliced fingertips using it.


This happened just a day after getting the latest Gingerbread. Arg! I will miss this phone while I “suffer” with my iPhone 3Gs until I can get a Nexus S shipped to me in Ghana or when I am in the UK. For all its cache and cool hardware, the iPhone doesn’t do the things I love in Android:

  • Background services (used to great effect by Google Listen and Google Voice) not just multitasking
  • Unobtrusive notifications
  • Custom status icons (WeatherBug and BBC do a great job with these)
  • Native SIP client support (gingerbread)
  • Unlocked without jailbreak ultrasn0w shenanigans

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