Mount SkyDrive Natively in Windows

Microsoft SkyDrive is a free 25GB online storage locker available to anyone with a Live ID. Microsoft just gave it a fresh new web interface but has never provided a way to access it natively from the Windows Shell.

On the bright side, SkyDrive is implemented on WebDav over SSL which is an open standard and one that is incorporated into Windows Vista and later. (You could map a drive to a WebDAV location in XP too but not over HTTPS.)

The trick is that the SkyDrive DAV URLs are obscure and not easily discoverable but I found a cool little command-line utility on codeplex which spits out the URLs to each of your root-level DAV shares in SkyDrive.



Use these URLs with net use or “map a network drive” in Windows Explorer and you have access to skydrive contents via the Windows Shell or a command-line.


It seems like this should also work in OS X but the Finder keeps giving me an error bonk that it can’t contact the server. I’m not sure what the problem is there.


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