Delete Unwanted Windows Apps from Launch Pad with VMWare Fusion

VMWare Fusion has an option to “Run Windows Apps from your Mac’s Applications folder”. This option also integrates with Launch Pad. When playing around with turning this on and off, I got into a situation where there were leftover Windows app icons that Fusion refused to delete.

It turns out that part of the Fusion magic is to put entries into the SQLite database that uses to decide what to show in Lanch Pad. You can use the sqlite3 editor at the command-line in terminal to edit the database.

Heres’ the list of columns:


The sqlite3 command-line app lets you execute arbitrary SQL statements against a SQLite database. In my case, I had turned off the app integration feature with Launch Pad but had stray icons. Here’s a terminal SQL command to clear out any stray magic VMware Fusion virtual icons.

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dock
sqlite3 *.db “delete from apps where bundleid like ‘com.vmware.proxyApp.%’;”
sqlite3 *.db ‘delete from apps where bundleid like “com.vmware.proxyApp.%”;’
killall Dock

The killall command will cause to restart. And after restart, all VMWare induced Windows icons will be gone from Launch Pad.


17 Responses to Delete Unwanted Windows Apps from Launch Pad with VMWare Fusion

  1. elementary31 says:

    What exactly do I type into the terminal? When I put it in exactly as written above I get an error saying “too many options: “from””.

    • Brian Reiter says:

      Try reversing the quoting so that single ticks are surrounding the sql statement.=

      $ sqlite3 *.db ‘delete from apps where bundleid like “com.vmware.proxyApp.%”;’

  2. elementary31 says:

    Thanks, that worked!

  3. mark says:

    hi there,

    Thanks so much for the tip.

    I have tried to reverse the quoting, but I’m getting the same error as the previous poster:

    sqlite3: Error: too many options: “from”

    Any suggestions?

  4. infoweblink01 says:

    Fantastic post! got it all working – Thnx

  5. saxonrau says:

    Basic problem here is that paste into the Terminal will replace these straight quotes with smart ones. Overtype the single quotes with the single quote key and the double quotes with the double quote key and you will be golden. Open quote and close quote are not valid delimiters in sqlite3 (apparently) and nor are the single quote equivalents.

  6. Pratap says:

    This worked like a charm . . .

  7. sumi says:

    when I copy and paste the command, there were some error. But after I retype quotation and double quotation marks, it works beautifully.

  8. Allan says:

    Thanks a million for this. I’d never have figured this out!

  9. Matt Malone says:

    Awesome! I got the same from error as others did above, but after retyping ” and ‘ in the terminal … poof … all win 7 icons are gone from launchpad.

  10. Unfortunately, doing this will also kill all the folders I have configured on the Launchpad, thus turning all the other icons a mess. Do you know any workaround for that?
    Thank you in advance!

  11. Daniel says:

    I followed these instructions and I’m still getting the same error too many options

  12. Daniel says:

    Last login: Fri Nov 8 17:27:44 on ttys000
    daniels-imac:~ danielfrosceno$ cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dock
    daniels-imac:Dock danielfrosceno$ sqlite3 *.db ‘delete from apps where bundleid like “com.vmware.proxyApp.%”;’
    sqlite3: Error: too many options: “delete from apps where bundleid like “com.vmware.proxyApp.%”;”
    Use -help for a list of options.
    daniels-imac:Dock danielfrosceno$

    • Brian Reiter says:

      My guess is that the smart quotes from the WordPress CMS are messing you up. Try typing instead of pasting.

    • Matt M says:

      If you do an ls of the Dock directory you’ll see the .db filename, it appears the *.db doesn’t work with 10.9.

      cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dock
      [copy the filename of the .db file]

      sqlite3 long-filename-pasted-here.db ‘delete from apps where bundleid like “com.vmware.proxyApp.%”;’
      killall Dock

      That worked for me with Fusion Pro v6.0.1 / OSX10.9

  13. Dan F says:

    Matt M Thank you soooo much!!! Finally worked. I’ve been messing with this for weeks

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