Fail: Useless IE8 Compatibility VM

I downloaded a virtual disk image today—May 11, 2011—from Microsoft that is purported to be configured specifically for testing compatibility with IE8. The readme had a nasty gram in it.

This image will expire on May 18, 2011.  At that time the Operating System will no longer boot, and you will be locked out of the VHD.  Please ensure you back up any relevant data before May 18, 2011.

I guess the date was a little optimistic because I am already locked out. All I get is a perpetual loop of Windows Product Activation and I cannot log in. Fail!.


These pre-built virtual machine images seem to be more of a time suck than a time saver. I should have—and now will—install Windows XP from MSDN ISO and patch it to IE8.

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