Ximian is Dead, Long Live Xamarin

I was depressed when I heard that Attachmate disbanded the Mono team as a part of it’s acquisition of Novell but Miguel de Icaza has a lot of chutzpa. He has reformed his team in nothing flat and launched a new company to continue the development of Mono and its associated C#-based mobile toolkits, MonoToch (iOS) and  MonoDriod (Android) and Moonlight (Silverlight for Linux).

To make a long story short, the plan to spin off was not executed. Instead on Monday May 2nd, the Canadian and American teams were laid off; Europe, Brazil and Japan followed a few days later. These layoffs included all the MonoTouch and MonoDroid engineers and other key Mono developers. Although Attachmate allowed us to go home that day, we opted to provide technical support to our users until our last day at Novell, which was Friday last week.

Now, two weeks later, we have a plan in place, which includes both angel funding for keeping the team together, as well as a couple of engineering contracts that will help us stay together as a team while we ship our revenue generating products.

~Miguel de Icaza

All the best Miguel.

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