New NVidia Video Drivers Improve Graphics Subscore in Windows Experience on Boot Camp 3.2 and Windows 7 x64

nvidia-266.58-driverI have a late 2009 15” MacBook Pro Unibody (MacBookPro5,3) running Windows 7 x64 with Boot Camp 3.2. Because they are Apple, Apple doesn’t keep up to date with the video drivers for Windows. The versions that ship with Boot Camp are a couple of generations out of date.

A couple of weeks ago, NVidia released a new “Verde Notebook” driver which supports my MackBook Pro: GeForce 9600M GT Verde Notebook drivers release 265 v266.58 WHQL. The actual driver version reported by Device Manager is built 1/7/2011.

After creating a restore point, I went ahead and installed it although I did not elect to install PhysX or NVidia 3D Vision, neither of which have any use for me.

It just occurred to me to update the Windows Experience meter thingy. I didn’t expect any change but I was pleasantly surprised to find my Graphics and Gaming Graphics subscores increased slightly from 6.4 to 6.5 with no negative side-effects so far. This doesn’t make much if any difference at all in the real world but it feels nice.



Painless NVidia Boot Camp Update on MacBook Pro

NVidia has recently WHQL certified “verde” notebook drivers: 258.96. In the past, drivers from NVidia have refused to install without hacking the INF or waiting for a boot camp update, which happens about once a year.

This time, though the drivers installed happily with no complaint. Woot!

I also grabbed the latest NForce drivers which contain Ethernet, SMBus and Away Mode drivers for my 2009 MacBook Pro Unibody. The SMBus and Away Mode drivers are related to power management. Who knows, maybe they will improve my battery life.

nvidia-ver devmgmt-ver

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